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Low-wage workers use minority unionism to fight for $15 minimum wage

Low-wage workers use minority unionism to fight for $15 minimum wage
When Judith Luna went to work at Sears, she never expected to be paid so little that she would seldom be able to shop at the clothing retail store. Nine dollars an hour barely covered her living costs, and it was especially hard when the store barely gave her enough hours to qualify as part-time... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: Countdown to teachers' strike; TIF revenue falls; IL partners on insurance exchange

Illinois will partner with the federal government to offer a health insurance exchange in 2014, The State Journal-Register reported Thursday. “Logistical challenges” prevented the state from creating its own exchange, which health advocates wanted. That way, a state-appointed board of directors could determine how it works. The exchange is essentially an online marketplace where consumers... Read more »

Second City or dead last? Income apartheid in Chicago

What can you buy for 45 cents? I can’t think of much. Maybe a pack of gum? Even that might be difficult. But what can you buy with a dollar? Sure, a dollar’s not much, but there’s lots to be had. The entire dollar store is yours for the taking. Fast food? The dollar menu... Read more »

Wanna get paid on time? Just hope your number gets drawn

It’s payday. Workers gather in the office to pick up their checks. But there won’t be any checks today – at least not for everyone. The big boss says there will be a lottery, and whoever wins will get paid. Don’t get your number pulled? Sorry. You may have worked a 40-hour week, but you... Read more »