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City bans fast food restaurants. Should Chicago be next?

Some communities ban bars, liquor stores or strip clubs. But South Los Angeles is using its zoning laws to outlaw a different kind of foe: fast food. In 2008, South L.A., which has high poverty and obesity rates, enacted a moratorium on new fast food restaurants. And it’s stuck. Since then, not one McDonald’s or... Read more »

Happy Meal bans, vending machine labels miss a point when it comes to the obesity crisis

Most people would describe me as a healthy eater. I carry a cart of veggies home from the farmer’s market each week, and there isn’t a day when you can’t find an apple (or an apple core) in my purse. So you might think that congressional moves like putting calorie labels on vending machine or... Read more »

Poverty could begin in utero

When people complain that poor people aren’t doing enough to help themselves, I remind them most poor folks are children. One in three kids in Chicago live in poverty, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. We already know that kids who live in poverty are more likely to end up poor as... Read more »

Poor kids may be getting a better lunch, but less dinner

More fruits, vegetables and whole grains in school lunches – what could be wrong with that? Quite a bit if the U.S. House of Representatives passes a revamped school lunch bill. The legislation would give schools more money for lunches, but would do so by cutting funding for food stamps. That equation is raising the... Read more »

Is a community health worker one solution to health care crisis?

Seeing more TV commercials for glucometers and news stories about the diabetes drug, Avandia? It’s not just by chance. Diabetes has become an epidemic in American society, but nowhere more than African-American and Hispanic communities. About 6.6 percent of people who are white have been diagnosed with diabetes, a number that’s already disturbingly high. But... Read more »