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One man's story of struggling, surviving on SNAP

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Thad Smith manages 26 hives in the backyard of a repurposed home on West Flournoy Street in Chicago’s West Side. Every day, he opens the hives up to check on the thousand or so bees. “This hive is always a little hostile,” the 47-year-old said while carefully lifting the lid off one wooden box. “You... Read more »

Bienvenida a Little Village, WBEZ

Bienvenida a Little Village, WBEZ
Little Village is just across from where “The Barber Shop Show’s” airs its weekly broadcast in North Lawndale. It’s primarily an immigrant neighborhood that’s home to both the Cook County Jail and the street known as the other Magnificent Mile. Now, Little Village will be home to one of WBEZ’s neighborhood bureaus and staffed primarily by... Read more »

Vacant spaces don't have to be an eyesore

Here at The Chicago Reporter, we’ve done a lot of reporting about vacancies and what’s wrong with them – the crime, blight and decreasing property values that are associated with vacant homes and lots. But one group in Chicago is highlighting what’s right with vacant spaces – at least, what you can do with them... Read more »

Barber Shop Video Review: Getting a GED at age 40

Her nephew needed help with his homework, but Nicole Hicks says she couldn’t understand it herself. She isn’t alone. Nearly one third of the adults in the Chicago region struggle with low-literacy. That means while they can read, they can’t read well enough to do a lot of every day activities–filling out a job application,... Read more »

Barber Shop Show Review: Crowns - every hat tells a story

“Hats became an instant symbol that you have arrived, that you are on your feet. The hats became more and more flamboyant because the more trinkets and adornments that you could add to your hat, you were really saying, ‘Look how God has blessed me.'” That’s author Craig Marberry talking about the tradition of black... Read more »

Barber Shop Show Preview: The Conservative Vice Lords and gangs of today (photos)

Photos from the exhibit titled "Report to the Public: An 
Untold History of the Conservative Vice Lords" are displayed at the
Art In These Times in Logan Square. The exhibit will run through Dec. 31.
The Barber Shop Show will take a trip down memory lane this Friday as we step back into North Lawndale’s past and examine the Conservative Vice Lords, a gang and community group that former members say helped redefine, for a time, what it meant to be a gang. From 1967 to 1969, the group was incorporated as a... Read more »

Barber Shop Show video review: North Lawndale's best-kept secret

On last Friday’s show, we went hyperlocal and explored the neighborhood we broadcast from every week: North Lawndale. Although it might be better known for poverty or unemployment, there are many groups in North Lawndale trying to launch a comeback for the community. Instead of seeing Lawndale’s struggles as too difficult to overcome, they see... Read more »

Barber Shop Show preview: North Lawndale rising

Barber Shop Show preview: North Lawndale rising
This week on the Barber Shop Show we’re going hyper-local: we’re taking a close look at the neighborhood that surrounds Carter’s Barber Shop – the neighborhood of North Lawndale. North Lawndale has a tough reputation in the city, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s been called “an industrial slum without industry.” Poverty, violence... Read more »

Barber Shop preview: the case of Howard Morgan, gun violence and police accountability

Seven years ago, an off-duty black police officer was shot 28 times by fellow officers. According to news reports, Howard Morgan, the officer in question, was stopped when he was driving the wrong way down a one-way street without headlights near his home in North Lawndale. When four officers tried to arrest him, Morgan allegedly... Read more »

Barber Shop Show Extra: Meet Valerie Newsome, a potential beneficiary of HB5723

Valerie Newsome is no stranger to the employment complications caused by a criminal record. The resident of Lawndale used to be paid by a state agency to care for her mother until, after background checks became mandatory, she was let go for the nonviolent criminal conviction that stands as a constant blemish on her record.... Read more »