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The Chicago Reporter partners with NBC 5

The Chicago Reporter partners with NBC 5
Can’t get enough of The Chicago Reporter?  Do you hate waiting to read the latest investigative stories? A new partnership will provide more investigative stories, with the Reporter’s signature data analysis, for a bigger audience. The Reporter will join forces with the WMAQ, an NBC affiliate, to create hard-hitting investigative stories on social and economic... Read more »

News Roundup: Daley focuses parts of budget on neighborhood safety, economic recovery

In his final budget briefing, Mayor Daley announced that he will use $38 million in surpluses from the city’s Tax Increment Financing districts to balance the budget. He also noted that spending  will be limited almost exclusively to projects focused on neighborhood safety and economic recovery. More at chicagoreporter.com   Also in the news… Democratic... Read more »

News Roundup: Real friends scarce for kids in violent neighborhoods

Children in violent Chicago neighborhoods are increasingly wary of friendships, according to a University of Chicago study. The study shows that these children are intensely testing the loyalties of their potential friends and doing background checks before letting anyone get close. The pre-teen years are typically when youth learn how make friends, and growing up... Read more »

Illinois is the most deadbeat state when it comes to paying nonprofits

I have read dozens of stories about Illinois that go like this: nonprofit X hasn’t gotten a payment for services from the state of Illinois in Y months, and will shut down in Z days if the state doesn’t pay up. Sound familiar? Well, it turns out these nonprofits aren’t just being cry babies. Skinny... Read more »