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"Baby grant" for foreclosure relief gets council committee nod

"Baby grant" for foreclosure relief gets council committee nod
Consider the language city planners and aldermen are using to describe the latest round of Neighborhood Stabilization Program funding for Chicago. The federal program, meant to find new uses for vacant, foreclosed homes in hard-hit communities or else demolish them, will send the city about $15.9 million. That grant is a “limited amount” and a... Read more »

Chicago: Ahead of LA and NYC in foreclosures

Think Chicago is the forlorn second city? Think again. We’ve got LA and NYC beat in one department: foreclosures. More on chicagoreporter.com The Center for Housing Policy recently released its website – foreclosure-response.org, which has a wealth of recent data on foreclosures and delinquent loans for metropolitan areas all over the nation. Among the data... Read more »

City throws foreclosure relief to least-hit communities, Walmart block

A year and a half after snagging $55 million in federal money to help prop up neighborhoods hit hardest by foreclosures, Chicago appears to be spending much of the money in neighborhoods least hit by the crisis. Since winning the grant back in December 2008 as part of the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the city... Read more »