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Mayor's race: Did the media call the race, or create it?

Mayor's race: Did the media call the race, or create it?
I got a chance to talk to Chicago mayoral candidate Patricia Watkins shortly after former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun essentially called Watkins a crack head in a televised debate. “What were you thinking when she did that?” I asked. Watkins was short-answered and tight-lipped. But what’s clear, she said on “The Barber Shop Show,”... Read more »

Miguel del Valle will now take your questions

In our <a href="http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-muckrakers/2011/01/chicagos-mayor-candidates-play-jenny-from-the-block-but-whos-got-the-guts-to-actually-help-poor-folks.html">survey on TIF policies,</a> del Valle said he wants greater TIF transparency and more requirements for companies that get TIF money, including living wage jobs for local residents.
This Friday on the Barbershop Show, our weekly current events radio show on Vocalo, we’ll get a visit from Chicago city clerk and mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle. If you haven’t heard del Valle’s name on the evening news alongside Rahm, Gery and Carol’s, that’s because he’s been labeled a “second-tier candidate,” by the media,... Read more »

Chicago's mayor candidates play 'Jenny from the block,' but who's got the guts to actually help poor folks?

All the candidates who hope to be Chicago’s next mayor love to spend time telling us why they’re better than the next guy. But lately, they’ve entered into a new competition–one that seems a little ridiculous at times–who’s more “street” than the next guy. Today’s Chicago Tribune chronicles the ways each candidate tries to claim... Read more »

Guess who's running for mayor?

With so many people putting their names in the hat to be the next Chicago mayor, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Take a look at the potential candidates – who’s in, who’s out and who’s just a rumor – in our photo gallery. Also, check out Progress Illinois’ great database of mayoral candidates.... Read more »