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Barber Shop Show: Chicago media legend Merri Dee on surviving gun violence

Merri Dee has overcome abuse, a gunshot to the head, and a bevy of racism and sexism in media to become a Chicago broadcast legend and a philanthropist. She calls her life both tragic – and full of miracles. Dee has a memoir out – Merri Dee, Life Lessons on Faith, Forgiveness and Grace –... Read more »

Get the news from West Humboldt Park from the teens who live it

When you hear about West Humboldt Park in the news, it’s often about a shooting, a fire or some other societal ill. But if you ever visit the  West Side Writing Project, you’ll see the neighborhood through the eyes of the young people who walk its streets every day. The project has students who cover... Read more »

Kelly announces her departure and transition plan at The Chicago Reporter

Last week, Kimbriell Kelly, editor and publisher of The Chicago Reporter, announced her departure from the Reporter to join The Washington Post in November. Today, she laid out her transition plan for the Reporter. The following is her announcement: I’m excited to share with you a transition plan to ensure that the good work of... Read more »

Barber Shop Show review: "Horrible" reporting on police violence hurts communities

Barber Shop Show review: "Horrible" reporting on police violence hurts communities
How is a lack of critical reporting, dwindling resources and little transparency into internal police reviews leading news organizations to give victims of violence in police shootings short shrift? Tracy Siska, executive director at the Chicago Justice Project, sounds off on the issue below after appearing on last week’s Barber Shop Show. The program focused... Read more »

Student starts scholarship for children of incarcerated parents

Children of incarcerated parents in Illinois may be headed downstate, for college this time. One Southern Illinois University student established a scholarship fund for children who’s parents are incarcerated. The first fundraiser is next week. The Chicago Reporter‘s in depth investigation into challenges facing children of incarcerated parents shows that their needs are not addressed... Read more »

For every Lincoln Park robbery, there are dozens more elsewhere in the city

During the time when a string of four robberies were committed in Lincoln Park–between 2 a.m. July 30 and 3:36 a.m. August 1, a spree that has touched off widespread community outrage–more than 100 other robberies were taking place in other parts of the city, according to an analysis by The Chicago Reporter. There were... Read more »