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CHA misses the mark (again) on creating low-income apartments

CHA misses the mark (again) on creating low-income apartments
Back in 2000, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development took a gamble on Chicago. The federal agency agreed to deregulate the Chicago Housing Authority in exchange for then-Mayor Richard M. Daley’s commitment to tear down thousands of substandard and poorly managed public housing units and replace 25,000 of them within a decade. The... Read more »

Chicago anti-terrorism program may have wasted $44 million, report finds

Broken cameras, amateur first-responders, a muddle of paperwork and $44 million wasted were what Cook County’s Homeland Security program dubbed Project Shield has boiled down to, according to a federal report released yesterday. A six-month investigation by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found that the program–which was part of a... Read more »

Public education improved during the Daley era, especially in the eyes of white parents

The imprint of former Mayor Richard M. Daley was left on public education perhaps more than it was in any other arena.During his tenure, test scores improved, the percentage of adults with a high school diploma increased, a slew of well-regarded charter and selective-enrollment schools were established–and a higher percentage of white parents sent their... Read more »

Daley agrees on compromise to Sweet Home Chicago ordinance

The first time I heard of the Sweet Home Chicago ordinance was on a chilly December day in 2009. A large group of protesters gathered outside of 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti’s office on a very chilly day, demanding that Tax Increment Financing District dollars be used to fund affordable housing. It was so cold... Read more »

Miguel del Valle will now take your questions

In our <a href="http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-muckrakers/2011/01/chicagos-mayor-candidates-play-jenny-from-the-block-but-whos-got-the-guts-to-actually-help-poor-folks.html">survey on TIF policies,</a> del Valle said he wants greater TIF transparency and more requirements for companies that get TIF money, including living wage jobs for local residents.
This Friday on the Barbershop Show, our weekly current events radio show on Vocalo, we’ll get a visit from Chicago city clerk and mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle. If you haven’t heard del Valle’s name on the evening news alongside Rahm, Gery and Carol’s, that’s because he’s been labeled a “second-tier candidate,” by the media,... Read more »

What will Chicago's future mayor do with the city's public housing?

Last night, public housing residents and leaders from across the city gathered to hear Chicago’s mayoral hopefuls answer one important question: What are you going to do with our homes? The answer? Well, it was a bit fuzzy. To start with, only three of the six candidates running for mayor even bothered to show up,... Read more »

Number of the day: $1,014,837.53

That’s how much local tax payer money The Woodlawn Organization, headed by notorious South Side landlord Leon Finney, has collected since the City Council passed an ordinance barring slumlords from collecting city money last January. We unearthed the legislation over the summer and put city officials on the spot for failing to enforce it when... Read more »

News Roundup: Local Chicago businesses show signs of recovery

The neighborhood around Ford’s South Side assembly plant was hit hard two years ago after the recession caused the plant to lay off 800 workers. Now, with the recent addition of 1200 jobs, the area is showing signs of recovery. Economic indicators show that the nation is slowly recovering, calming fears of a “double dip”... Read more »

News Roundup: Chicago pensions could be insolvent

Chicago’s pensions are facing insolvency based on the city’s current and projected obligations, Chicago Tribune reported today. Firefighters, teachers, police officers and other city workers might find themselves in financial dire straits upon their retirement due to a draining of the system to meet short-term budget needs. Among the costly decisions made by city officials... Read more »

Consensus Shmonsensus: Meeks and Davis proclaim they should be mayor

Last week, on our weekly radio show, Chicago Reporter Editor Kimbriell Kelly asked a good question: will Chicago’s black and Latino communities ever unite to support a minority candidate for mayor? No way, replied one patron of Carter’s Barbershop in North Lawndale. The black community can’t even unite behind one candidate, so how are we... Read more »