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News Roundup: Illinois continues to struggle to educate students who are poor, minority

Out of the 491 Illinois schools that are at least 90 percent poor and 90 percent minority, only one has also managed to get 90 percent of its students to meet state testing standards.   More at chicagoreporter.com Also in the news.. Six of 15 convicted corrupt building and zoning inspectors allegedly used connections to... Read more »

News Roundup: New study shows gap in credit scores between black and white communities

The growing use of credit scores as a screening method for rental apartments, home loans and utilities could create a significant difference in economic opportunity for people with low credit scores due to both the lack of credit history and poor repayment history. This could negatively impact African Americans based on a new study from... Read more »

Children doing adult time because of a law made over a century ago

Photo credit: banspy It was a time that women couldn’t vote. Scientists of the day used brain size and the first intelligence tests to determine that white people were biologically superior to all other races. People with mental illnesses were locked up in crude asylums, restrained to beds and given shock therapy in an attempt... Read more »

Illinois State Police start expunging backlogged criminal records

Under pressure from a Cook County judge, the Illinois State Police has relaxed its opposition to sealing or expunging the criminal records of thousands of ex-offenders in the last seven months, but hundreds have yet to reap the benefits. Paul P. Biebel Jr., presiding judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County Criminal Division, demanded... Read more »