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Race, poverty and politics: City passes new gun law, OKs $7M in police torture settlements; CTU, CPS agree on longer day with more teachers; Chick-fil-A not on Logan Square's menu

Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson and 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke are in a feud that went public Thursday over Burke’s refusal to release information on the city’s workers compensation program. Ferguson wants to look into reports of a number of police officers and firefighters abusing the city’s disability pay programs. Burke, as chair of... Read more »

News Roundup: Chicago Inspector General makes controversial cost-cutting suggestions

In a recent report, Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson suggested that the city cut several programs and subsidies to make up for the city’s billion dollar budget shortfall. Some service cuts could include free sewer service for senior citizens and subsidized water and sewer usage by certain nonprofit organizations. Other recommendations include cutting quarterly stipends... Read more »