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The Chicago Reporter: Decades of dedication

The Chicago Reporter: Decades of dedication
By Laura S. Washington “In 1972, veteran civil rights activist John McDermott imagined a monthly publication that would investigate and analyze racial issues. McDermott and co-editor Lillian Calhoun met to plot the first issue, Calhoun recalled years later. “To save money, we decided on a newsletter, printed in good, clean Helvetica,” she said. “We chose... Read more »

A look at The Chicago Reporter through the eyes of its publishers

"Racial peace and progress are more than moral ideals today. They are matters of profound self-interest to every person and institution in this community," wrote John McDermott, The Chicago Reporter's founder and first publisher, in the inaugural edition in 1972.
We are proud to bring you our special 40th anniversary edition of The Chicago Reporter. The city has changed a lot in the past four decades and we have been there, reporting on race and poverty in the city from the ground level.  The following are insights from our publishers who have guided and shaped... Read more »