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Race, police stops and car searches

Say you’re driving from Chicago to Springfield and an Illinois State Police officer pulls you over for speeding or because your car’s taillight is broken. You pull over to the side of the road. You turn over your license and registration through the driver’s side window. The officer processes the violation. Then he or she... Read more »

The Chicago Reporter wins Kogan journalism award

The Chicago Reporter today took home the top prize in the 21st annual Herman Kogan Media Awards from The Chicago Bar Association. The awards celebrate outstanding legal journalism. Kelly Virella, Rui Kaneya and Kimbriell Kelly won for the investigation, “Above the Law.” The project details the defiance by Illinois State Police to expunge thousands of... Read more »

Illinois State Police start expunging backlogged criminal records

Under pressure from a Cook County judge, the Illinois State Police has relaxed its opposition to sealing or expunging the criminal records of thousands of ex-offenders in the last seven months, but hundreds have yet to reap the benefits. Paul P. Biebel Jr., presiding judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County Criminal Division, demanded... Read more »

Watchdog finds most rape kits ignored

Human rights watchdog Sarah Tofte raises serious concerns about the number of rape kits tested by the Illinois State Police crime lab. In her investigative report, which appeared October 9 on The Huffington Post, Tofte writes: “While we believe that Chicago sends every rape kit to the state crime lab, there are serious questions about what happens... Read more »