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Hunger strike at Pontiac prison enters third week

Hunger strike at Pontiac prison enters third week
Cleaning supplies, sanitary toenail clippers, radios, fresh air and heat. These were among the initial demands of a group of prisoners on hunger strike at Pontiac Correctional Center. At its peak, 47 inmates were on hunger strike when the protest began Feb. 4, according to the Uptown People’s Law Center. Two days later, 25 prisoners... Read more »

STD disclosure bill for inmates aims to help communities hit hardest by illnesses

It’s been almost a year since the Illinois Department of Corrections changed its policy on HIV testing, deciding to automatically test all incoming inmates unless they specifically refused. In other states, this so-called opt-out policy has helped identify infected inmates who otherwise might not know they were HIV positive. With more infomation, the goal is... Read more »

Has Illinois become a slave state?

Illinois has the distinction of being on the right side of history–one of the states that helped win the Civil War and didn’t permit slavery. But a new book by author Michelle Alexander flips that distinction on its head and begs the question: Have we turned from a free state to a slave state? Alexander... Read more »

Illinois refutes claims about lack of prenatal care for inmates

After our story yesterday about Illinois getting a “D” grade for prenatal care for female inmates from the Rebecca Project, we got a call from the Illinois Department of Corrections wanting to correct some information talked about in the Rebecca Project’s report. The report, they say, which said there was no evidence that our state... Read more »