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No 8s: Landlords say vouchers cause business headaches they shouldn't be forced to take on

When Bill Planek’s property management company took over 927 S. Wesley Ave. in Oak Park, he didn’t renew Gale Riley’s lease. It wasn’t because she was late on her rent, in fact she’d never missed a payment. It also wasn’t because she was messy, noisy or damaged the apartment. It was that she paid her... Read more »

No 8s: Should Cook County outlaw discrimination against Section 8 voucher holders?

No 8s: Should Cook County outlaw discrimination against Section 8 voucher holders?
This week, we’ll be looking at a proposed ordinance in front of the Cook County board that would prevent suburban landlords from discriminating against low-income tenants. Today, you’ll meet a renter who’s faced such discrimination and find out why housing advocates are hoping the measure will pass. Check back each day this week for more... Read more »

Desegregating Chicago: not an easy task

When I talk with people about the demolition of Chicago’s public housing, there’s one question people ask over and over: Where did everybody go? I wish it was a simple question to answer. I’ve wondered it myself countless times. But chronicling the moves of hundreds of families–many of whom live on the margins of society–wouldn’t... Read more »

Five years, and you're done: D.C. moves to set strict welfare time limits

In a surprise move, representatives from the District of Columbia’s poorest areas put forward a controversial regulation that would limit a family’s access to all public assistance to five years. Food stamps, medicaid, child care assistance, housing vouchers, welfare, education, job training –if the government has a program to help you out, you’ve got a... Read more »