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What you need to know from Gov. Quinn’s budget address

What you need to know from Gov. Quinn’s budget address
In his budget address Wednesday, Gov. Pat Quinn went over his top budget priorities for fiscal year 2014. He placed the speech’s main focus on the state of underfunded pensions. In case you missed the speech, we’ve pulled out some of the key statements. Public sector pensions Quinn stressed that some public employees would no... Read more »

Governor Quinn squeaks by thanks to the efforts of Obama and others to turn out the black vote

President Barack Obama called me  the day before Election Day last week. Well, it wasn’t actually the president, just a recording. And it wasn’t a personal call. It was a recording probably sent to tens of thousands of likely African American voters in Illinois in an effort to drum up support for embattled Illinois Governor... Read more »

News Roundup: City Council expected to vote Wednesday on affordable housing

Chicago Ald. Walter Burnett is expected to force the City Council to vote on the Sweet Home Chicago Ordinance, which would allocate 20 percent of the city’s annual TIF budget to develop affordable housing. More at chicagoreporter.com Also in the news… The number of active trial and permanent home loan modifications under the Home Affordable... Read more »

News Roundup: States launch inquiry into foreclosure crisis

All 50 states and the District of Columbia have launched a joint probe into the country’s mortgage lenders as new data show that banks across the United States repossessed a record number of homes in September. The probe was launched after allegations that some mortgage servicers have been signing off on thousands of foreclosure documents... Read more »