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Barber Shop Show review: Mid-Month Mash Up on gay marriage, demographic changes, and more

Each month, the Barber Shop Show features local journalists, bloggers and media personalities to get their take on the news of the month. For June’s Mid-Month Mash Up, the guests were Yolanda Perdomo, a host and producer with WBEZ; Jen Sabella, senior Chicago editor at DNAinfo Chicago; and myself representing The Chicago Reporter. The conversation... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Looking at gay marriage through the lens of racism and this month's news

You might not think about the connection between racism and gay marriage, but our guest on last week’s Barber Shop Show, Vernita Gray, shows us the ties. As she points out, laws banning interracial marriage were only overturned in 1967 with the U.S. Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia. “I think, ‘OK, America changed,'” said... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: 40 years and families dealing with LGBT inequality

In 1972, The Chicago Reporter began as a simple newsletter, devoted to uncovering the facts behind race in our segregated city. Forty years later, we’re still going strong, investigating race and poverty in Chicago. On last Friday’s Barber Shop Show, we gathered to celebrate that legacy and our 40th anniversary issue. Interim editor Rui Kaneya... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: City passes new gun law, OKs $7M in police torture settlements; CTU, CPS agree on longer day with more teachers; Chick-fil-A not on Logan Square's menu

Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson and 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke are in a feud that went public Thursday over Burke’s refusal to release information on the city’s workers compensation program. Ferguson wants to look into reports of a number of police officers and firefighters abusing the city’s disability pay programs. Burke, as chair of... Read more »

Barber Shop Show preview: Jay-Z supports Obama's stance on gay marriage, but will black America?

Barber Shop Show preview: Jay-Z supports Obama's stance on gay marriage, but will black America?
Will Obama’s new stance, supporting gay marriage, hurt him with socially conservative black voters? Rapper and hip hop mogul Jay-Z doesn’t think so. “It’s really not about votes,” he said on Tuesday in an interview with CNN. “It’s about people. I think it’s the right thing to do as a human being.” A Washington Post... Read more »

Number of same-sex couples grew by 80 percent since 2000

For every 1,000 couples living in Illinois, around 7 of them are same-sex couples. That may not sound like a lot, but the overall number of same-sex couples in the U.S. has grown by 80 percent since the 2000, census officials said yesterday. The number of those couples listing themselves as married has nearly doubled... Read more »