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One man's story of struggling, surviving on SNAP

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Thad Smith manages 26 hives in the backyard of a repurposed home on West Flournoy Street in Chicago’s West Side. Every day, he opens the hives up to check on the thousand or so bees. “This hive is always a little hostile,” the 47-year-old said while carefully lifting the lid off one wooden box. “You... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: $175M settlement with Wells Fargo; Cook County seeks more humane bond court; "hot-spot" buildings demolished; deep SNAP cuts may be coming

It’s been five years since The Chicago Reporter first uncovered the discriminatory lending practices that targeted Chicago’s African American and Latino neighborhoods. This week, the federal Department of Justice and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan reached a $175 million settlement with one of the offending lenders, Wells Fargo. Meanwhile, African-American communities were disproportionately hurt by... Read more »