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Video: One former drug offender devotes his life to helping other ex-offenders

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Between 2000 and 2011, nearly 150,000 Chicago defendants received a prison sentence in the Cook County Circuit Court. The majority of them were from poor neighborhoods on the city’s South and West sides. Raymond Richard was one of those people. At one time, he lived on the streets of Chicago and turned to drugs and... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: City passes new gun law, OKs $7M in police torture settlements; CTU, CPS agree on longer day with more teachers; Chick-fil-A not on Logan Square's menu

Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson and 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke are in a feud that went public Thursday over Burke’s refusal to release information on the city’s workers compensation program. Ferguson wants to look into reports of a number of police officers and firefighters abusing the city’s disability pay programs. Burke, as chair of... Read more »

Politics in review: Rep. Rush tossed for hoodie; set asides process streamlined in Chicago, Cook County; 15th Amendment anniversary

Here’s a roundup of the elections and political news that made The Chicago Reporter‘s radar this week: An Illinois House committee formed to investigate a federal charge of bribery against 10th District state Rep. Derrick Smith asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office for help. The six-member, bipartisan panel wants more information on U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s... Read more »

Live from the barbershop, it's The Chicago Reporter

Join Chicago Reporter Editor Kimbriell Kelly and reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein (and a great line-up of guests) as we explore the unemployment crisis and what it means for communities of color in Chicago 10 a.m. to noon Friday June 25 on Vocalo, a division of Chicago Public Radio. Kelly and Kelly Lowenstein will host a... Read more »

New analysis: Ex-offenders' interests not always priority for legislators

By all accounts, Fayette County is one of the whitest regions in Illinois, but you wouldn’t know it by the latest census count. The secret to Fayette’s diversity is the Vandalia Correctional Center, the local prison where 95.7 percent of the county’s black population sits behind bars. Like Illinois’ other overwhelmingly white, rural prison communities,... Read more »