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Struggling IL homeowners, renters to get $20 million piece of big mortgage settlement pie

Struggling IL homeowners, renters to get $20 million piece of big mortgage settlement pie
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced Wednesday that $20 million will make its way to statewide programs aimed at keeping folks in their homes and providing mortgage relief. That’s thanks to Madigan’s involvement in a national lawsuit against some of the country’s biggest lenders, which ended in a $26 billion settlement earlier this year–the second... Read more »

Economic woes mean Latino vote no gimme for usual immigration platitudes

The recession left few communities untouched by layoffs, foreclosures and cuts to social services. But the Latino community has taken the hardest hits and faces the toughest road to recovery. This is something that politicians may want to be aware of as they campaign for this crucial vote. For some people living on the edge,... Read more »

Thousands take to the streets in Chicago, demanding economic change

It reminded me a lot of election night 2008. Crowded, blocked-off streets. Hordes of people – singing, chanting and waving signs. Except Monday, the air was different. It wasn’t filled with celebration over electing America’s first black president, but rather with a collective anger that can’t be contained. Three years ago, on that warm November... Read more »

High gas prices might squeeze Chicago's poor tighter than others

With gas prices registering $1.25 a gallon higher than they were last year in the Chicago area, the average household is spending more on gas. Economists estimate that it’s almost 8 percent of their income on gas. But some say that percentage is probably higher for the poor who earn less and typically travel farther... Read more »