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Another state decides to drug test the downtrodden

Add one more to the ranks of states that are slated to start drug testing recipients of public assistance. A South Carolina Senate panel has approved legislation that would drug test applicants for unemployment benefits and require them to do at least 16 hours a week of community service. A Mississippi state senator is also... Read more »

Drug testing the needy still all the rage, but is it cost effective?

There are some policies that become just downright trendy. Even though the Tea Party’s cup isn’t quite so hot anymore, their legacy lives on in this legislative fad: drug testing people in poverty. Sometimes, it’s for welfare benefits. Other times, unemployment. Indiana recently revealed the results of its latest drug-testing round for people who wanted... Read more »

No drug testing for Chicago's public housing residents

The Chicago Housing Authority board decided to end plans by city officials to drug test all public housing residents at yesterday’s monthly board meeting, reported WBEZ and We the People Media. “We decided that one, we thought this was kind of close to violating on civil rights. And that right now wasn’t an issue we... Read more »

Can the CHA really drug test public housing residents?

There’s a lot being said about the Chicago Housing Authority’s new proposal to drug test all of its residents. Many residents have come out against it. Others are all for it – saying they think it’ll make public housing safer. But I wanted the facts. Is drug testing legal? Will it keep people safe? Does... Read more »

Tenants to CHA: Scrap drug-testing proposal

Tenants to CHA: Scrap drug-testing proposal
Chicago Housing Authority officials and public housing residents have been at odds for years over policies created under the Plan for Transformation. While the CHA maintains that stricter lease requirements — like mandatory good neighbor classes and a one-strike eviction rule — for those living in subsidized units is key to creating harmony in new... Read more »

Poverty-bashers like to forget: Drug testing for public benefits is unconstitutional

The headlines seem to surface every few months or so: So-and-so politician wants to drug test the (choose one) unemployed/welfare recipients/food stamp families/Medicaid enrollees/public housing residents. They make a big fuss for one news cycle, for the benefit of people not using these programs–so they can bang their fist on the dinner table and say,... Read more »