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Signed Into Law: Keeping closed child abuse records available, debtors may be off the hook from repaying illegal lenders

Signed Into Law: Keeping closed child abuse records available, debtors may be off the hook from repaying illegal lenders
Closed records about child abuse to remain available – SB 3544 – The reports on child abuse and neglect that are deemed unfounded, are usually kept for 12 months after that determination. Then the reports are removed from the system. This legislation, signed in August, allows the Department of Child and Family Services to retain... Read more »

Signed Into Law: No more bath salts; employers not allowed to ask for social media passwords

At the end of each session in Springfield, a pile of bills that pass the legislature end up on Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk awaiting his signature. We’ll keep track of those that make it into law. Employers blocked from asking for social networking passwords – HB 3782 might let a lot of job applications from... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: Mixed reviews on cab strike; Rep. Smith's attorney wants House to slow down; Rep. Joe Walsh has controversial week

Chicago cab drivers held a partial strike Monday, the success of which varies depending on whom you speak with. Fayez Khozindar, chair of the United Taxidrivers Community Council–which staged the strike–claimed several times this week that “80 percent” of the city’s cab drivers were on strike from 6-11 a.m., Monday. There are roughly 12,000 cab... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: Pension reform punted ... again; city pot ordinance moves to council vote; state prison closures

Gov. Quinn’s proposed pension reforms have hit a roadblock as legislators continue to argue over a proposed plan by Senate Democracts to shift pension costs from the state to suburban and downstate school districts. Republicans argue this would cause a rise in property taxes, something they are steadfastly against. Only days ago, a report by... Read more »

In Englewood, 1 in 25 children is the subject of a sexual abuse call

Sometimes, when you take a second look at data, you see something you didn’t see before. That’s what happened to us the other day with our data on child sexual abuse. We knew that children from poorer neighborhoods had a greater likelihood of a call being made to the child abuse hotline about them. But... Read more »

The bruises fade, but the pain lasts forever...

I was sitting with my co-worker, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, when he told me that this month’s Chicago Reporter investigation on child sexual abuse was one of the hardest things he ever had to write. Jeff’s written on some poignant and heartbreaking subjects, but none of them, he said, affected him so deeply as hearing the... Read more »

Is anyone listening to child sexual abuse victims in Cook County?

The majority of people who call Cook County’s child abuse tip line are adults – friends, neighbors, teachers, pastors, counselors. But sometimes those calls are made by someone a lot closer to the abuse – the victims themselves. In this month’s investigation of child sexual abuse in Cook County, we noticed a strange trend among... Read more »

Black families being torn apart by unfounded accusations of child sex abuse

Imagine you’re a foster child – neglected by your own family, moved from home to home – until you find that one place, that one family, where you belong. Finally, you’re safe, with a foster parent that loves you and takes care of you. Until you’re ripped from that home one morning, all because someone... Read more »