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News Roundup: Foreclosures spiked in Cook County in August, some blame law

An April 2009 law intended to better manage foreclosures caused foreclosure filings to spike 66.4 percent in August, compared to a year earlier. Overall, foreclosures fell 5.5 percent over the year nationally and dropped 16.9 percent in Cook County since July.   Also in the news… The Elgin Police Department is making creative use of... Read more »

Put Illinois To Work reports creating 26,000 jobs this year. Will it be renewed?

New reports boast 26,000 jobs created by Put Illinois To Work, the largest federally funded employment program. Three quarters of those jobs are in Chicago. The program, supported by millions in stimulus dollars, expires at the end of the month and supporters are hoping Congress will extend funding. Also in the news … Massachusetts just... Read more »

Illinois State Police start expunging backlogged criminal records

Under pressure from a Cook County judge, the Illinois State Police has relaxed its opposition to sealing or expunging the criminal records of thousands of ex-offenders in the last seven months, but hundreds have yet to reap the benefits. Paul P. Biebel Jr., presiding judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County Criminal Division, demanded... Read more »