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How not to judge Chicago’s violence number

There are two ways of looking at almost anything. So it’s little surprise that the shooting numbers put out by the City of Chicago are framed in a way to make the city look good. But they also skew our understanding of the urban violence we are really dealing with, says Rob Wildeboer, criminal and... Read more »

Community rallies to prevent overturn of Chicago landfill moratorium

More than a hundred community members gathered at the town hall of Hegewisch in the 10th Ward Tuesday night to rally against a recent threat to the city-wide moratorium on landfills. 10th Ward Ald. John Pope, and organizers Phyllis Palmer and Cheryl Johnson, called on residents to pressure state legislators to pass HB3881, a bill... Read more »

Who's 'abusing the badge'?'

Police accountability advocates and attorneys representing the City of Chicago have been going back and forth for years over whether the names of police officer fingered by civilians for misconduct should be made public. For now, they remain under wraps. But in our latest investigation, “Abusing the Badge,” we took a backdoor approach to find... Read more »

Mental health clinic closures begin Monday

On Monday, the first round of mental health center closures hit Rogers Park and Logan Square. Northwest MHC and Northtown Rogers Park MHC will be the first of six planned mental health center to shut over the next week. Under the city’s budget passed in November, the mental health clinics are the latest public service... Read more »

Politics in review: Rep. Rush tossed for hoodie; set asides process streamlined in Chicago, Cook County; 15th Amendment anniversary

Here’s a roundup of the elections and political news that made The Chicago Reporter‘s radar this week: An Illinois House committee formed to investigate a federal charge of bribery against 10th District state Rep. Derrick Smith asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office for help. The six-member, bipartisan panel wants more information on U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s... Read more »

More calls for using TIF dollars to shore up deficit-riddled budgets

More calls for using TIF dollars to shore up deficit-riddled budgets
It’s budget season in Chicago, and the numbers aren’t pretty: The operating deficits for Chicago Public Schools and the city’s next spending plans are $712 million and $636 million, respectively. School administrators are trying to close their gap “by collecting $150 million more in property taxes, making programmatic and administrative cuts, laying off supplemental teachers... Read more »

Why are taxpayers supporting high salaries for a company that's losing money?

photo courtesy of flickr/David Paul Ohmer The publicly-funded agency that manages Navy Pier and McCormick Place has increased its number of six-figure staff, despite the fact that the agency lost $3.6 million last year and is projecting a $28.8 million loss for its current fiscal year. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the full story in its... Read more »