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Report shows another casualty of foreclosure crisis: renters

Report shows another casualty of foreclosure crisis: renters
You hear a lot about the foreclosure crisis and its impact on homeowners. It tore through black and Latino communities like a tornado. But homeowners weren’t the only ones affected. When rental buildings go into foreclosure, the impact on renters can have long-lasting effects–and foreclosures have hit low-income neighborhoods the hardest. The 2012 annual foreclosure... Read more »

With ‘unbelievably bad’ food stamps proposal, U.S. Senate further criminalizes poor

With ‘unbelievably bad’ food stamps proposal, U.S. Senate further criminalizes poor
Anyone convicted of murder, rape or pedophilia is looking at being cut off from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits for life under an amendment to the U.S. Senate’s version of the 2013 Farm Bill–even if they’ve served their time. And by doing so, the amendment would also impact the nutritional assistance received by the families... Read more »

Immigrant children detained by feds are lost in the system, lawsuit alleges

When you’re a child, one of the scariest things that could happen is being separated from your parents, even in a familiar place like the local supermarket or the mall. For most of us who have experienced feeling lost, this was only a momentary scare. But for thousands of immigrant children lost in the system,... Read more »

Why moving too much matters for children

Imagine moving six times in six years. It seems like you’d never really get unpacked before you had to pack up again. Moving vans, crumpled newspaper, address change forms. Finding a new bank, grocery store or a new school for your children. Six years of always being the “new kid” in class. A new report... Read more »

How can we justify child inequality?

How big of a gap is there between the life of the poorest child in America and the average one? Huge, it turns out. In fact, the United States is at the bottom of a list of 24 rich nations for child inequality–the measure of how different the lives of the poorest children are compared... Read more »

In Englewood, 1 in 25 children is the subject of a sexual abuse call

Sometimes, when you take a second look at data, you see something you didn’t see before. That’s what happened to us the other day with our data on child sexual abuse. We knew that children from poorer neighborhoods had a greater likelihood of a call being made to the child abuse hotline about them. But... Read more »

Illinois refutes claims about lack of prenatal care for inmates

After our story yesterday about Illinois getting a “D” grade for prenatal care for female inmates from the Rebecca Project, we got a call from the Illinois Department of Corrections wanting to correct some information talked about in the Rebecca Project’s report. The report, they say, which said there was no evidence that our state... Read more »

Illinois gets a 'D' for prison prenatal care

When you think of women in prison, here’s a word that probably doesn’t come to your mind: mom. But it should. About two-thirds of the 115,000 women in prison in the U.S. are mothers. That’s a lot of missed good-night kisses and first days of school. And a new report shows that many states, including... Read more »

Teen pregnancy rates sky high, for some

When you first take a look at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s new report on teen births by state, everything looks pretty rosy. The teen birth rate is down again,and Illinois has fewer teenage girls having babies than the national average. But take a closer look, and you’ll see a disturbing picture. We’re... Read more »

News Roundup: Real friends scarce for kids in violent neighborhoods

Children in violent Chicago neighborhoods are increasingly wary of friendships, according to a University of Chicago study. The study shows that these children are intensely testing the loyalties of their potential friends and doing background checks before letting anyone get close. The pre-teen years are typically when youth learn how make friends, and growing up... Read more »