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An offender among us: How do we keep our children safe?

Pedophiles. There really isn’t another kind of criminal, except for maybe serial killers, that makes our skin crawl quite so much. Just say the word and a mental image of a deranged man with lollipops luring children into an unmarked van isn’t far behind. In our latest investigation, The Chicago Reporter found that hundreds of... Read more »

Which came first: poverty, sex offenders or child abuse claims?

Three facts about Chicago: 1.The less money you and your neighbors make, the more calls to the child abuse hotline are made in your community. 2. The less money you and your neighbors make, the more likely you are to live among convicted sex offenders. 3. The more sex offenders you have living in your... Read more »

In Englewood, 1 in 25 children is the subject of a sexual abuse call

Sometimes, when you take a second look at data, you see something you didn’t see before. That’s what happened to us the other day with our data on child sexual abuse. We knew that children from poorer neighborhoods had a greater likelihood of a call being made to the child abuse hotline about them. But... Read more »

Terrifying Silence: sexual abuse in Asian communities goes unreported

Here in Cook County and across the state, children who are victims of sexual abuse are hurting. But, for many, their stories and their pain are being ignored, and their silence means more children may have to face the terrors they have themselves. In our investigation of child sexual abuse in Cook County, we found... Read more »

The bruises fade, but the pain lasts forever...

I was sitting with my co-worker, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, when he told me that this month’s Chicago Reporter investigation on child sexual abuse was one of the hardest things he ever had to write. Jeff’s written on some poignant and heartbreaking subjects, but none of them, he said, affected him so deeply as hearing the... Read more »

Is anyone listening to child sexual abuse victims in Cook County?

The majority of people who call Cook County’s child abuse tip line are adults – friends, neighbors, teachers, pastors, counselors. But sometimes those calls are made by someone a lot closer to the abuse – the victims themselves. In this month’s investigation of child sexual abuse in Cook County, we noticed a strange trend among... Read more »

Black families being torn apart by unfounded accusations of child sex abuse

Imagine you’re a foster child – neglected by your own family, moved from home to home – until you find that one place, that one family, where you belong. Finally, you’re safe, with a foster parent that loves you and takes care of you. Until you’re ripped from that home one morning, all because someone... Read more »