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Signed Into Law: No more bath salts; employers not allowed to ask for social media passwords

At the end of each session in Springfield, a pile of bills that pass the legislature end up on Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk awaiting his signature. We’ll keep track of those that make it into law. Employers blocked from asking for social networking passwords – HB 3782 might let a lot of job applications from... Read more »

No heat, no hot water for residents of Lakeview high-rise

No heat, no hot water for residents of Lakeview high-rise
No heat, no hot water and carbon monoxide build-ups are just the latest problems affecting hundreds of residents in a building owned by Lakeview Associates. The high-rise in the tony neighborhood got its five minutes of fame last week when an NBC article reported that residents were expected to go without amenities for up to... Read more »

New nursing home concern: unregistered sex offenders

Photo courtesy of Flickr/ulrichkarljoho In the last year we found out that area senior citizens are living in nursing homes that are understaffed and occupied by sex offenders. A new report shows that there are many unregistered sex offenders living at these homes as well, and the state appears to have cut back on its... Read more »

Chicago psychiatrist pushed drugs to seniors

A Chicago psychiatrist who over-prescribed antipsychotic drugs to nursing home patients was paid $490,000 to promote the drug by its manufacturer, according to the Chicago Tribune. The report was part of the Tribune’s ongoing investigation into nursing home safety. According to the report, Dr. Michael Reinstein promoted the popular antipsychotic drug, Seroquel, for its manufacturer... Read more »

How your car's air freshener can get you a ticket

Police in Illinois are expected to stop 38,000 drivers this year for having windshield obstructions, an increase of 91 percent since 2004, according to an analysis by the Chicago Tribune. Police can–and do–pull drivers over for anything police deem to “materially obstruct” a driver’s view. This means anything from handicapped placards to air fresheners. The... Read more »

Are stimulus numbers accurate?

Controversy is brewing over federal statistics detailing the number of local jobs saved by the stimulus package. According to a recent analysis by the Chicago Tribune, some of the numbers just don’t add up. In particular:–    The feds reported that 473 teachers’ jobs were saved in North Chicago. The district only employs 290 teachers.–    The... Read more »

Will Illinois lawmakers reform nursing home care?

Some area politicians hope so. Two recent investigations by The Chicago Reporter and the Chicago Tribune pointed to racial disparities and safety concerns in area nursing homes A joint hearing of the Illinois Senate’s Public Health and Human Services committees will be held tomorrow, Nov. 5 in room 16-503 of the Thompson Center in Chicago.... Read more »

Tribune nursing home story points out another racial disparity

The Chicago Tribune showed today that some seniors are victims of rape, beatings and other violent acts at the hands of mentally ill residents living in the same facilities.   In at least two cases, someone died from injuries in such an attack.     This is a concern for all seniors considering entering a nursing... Read more »