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Still undecided? Before you go to the polls, peruse the Reporter's election coverage

In our admittedly unscientific poll in Friday’s election live chat, 100 percent of our chatters admitted that the media hasn’t helped them one bit in deciding who to vote for this election season. Ooof. That’s a doozie. But even though The Chicago Reporter doesn’t cover the day to day runnings of city politics, we have... Read more »

Miguel del Valle will now take your questions

In our <a href="http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-muckrakers/2011/01/chicagos-mayor-candidates-play-jenny-from-the-block-but-whos-got-the-guts-to-actually-help-poor-folks.html">survey on TIF policies,</a> del Valle said he wants greater TIF transparency and more requirements for companies that get TIF money, including living wage jobs for local residents.
This Friday on the Barbershop Show, our weekly current events radio show on Vocalo, we’ll get a visit from Chicago city clerk and mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle. If you haven’t heard del Valle’s name on the evening news alongside Rahm, Gery and Carol’s, that’s because he’s been labeled a “second-tier candidate,” by the media,... Read more »