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No drug testing for Chicago's public housing residents

The Chicago Housing Authority board decided to end plans by city officials to drug test all public housing residents at yesterday’s monthly board meeting, reported WBEZ and We the People Media. “We decided that one, we thought this was kind of close to violating on civil rights. And that right now wasn’t an issue we... Read more »

Can the CHA really drug test public housing residents?

There’s a lot being said about the Chicago Housing Authority’s new proposal to drug test all of its residents. Many residents have come out against it. Others are all for it – saying they think it’ll make public housing safer. But I wanted the facts. Is drug testing legal? Will it keep people safe? Does... Read more »

Who is feeling the wrath of CHA's "zero tolerance" policy?

This week a newly-appointed Chicago Housing Authority Chairman Jim Reynold got an earful from members of the City Council’s Housing Committee who were critical of agency tenant guidelines, which are considered some of the most stringent in the nation. Alderman Walter Burnett, for one, complained that the “one strike” rule has gone too far. Under... Read more »