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The last Cabrini high-rise is demolished

Today marks a historic end point–the end of Cabrini-Green. A few months back, the last building was closed, and residents were shuffled out and relocated. Today, the wrecking ball gave the high-rise at 1230 N. Burling St. its first blow, one of many that will result in its disappearance within a week. I’ve been covering... Read more »

Cabrini residents say they won't go

Cabrini-Green may be almost gone, but there are still a few residents left fighting for their homes. At the last open high-rise at 1230 N. Burling St., near the corner of Halsted and Division streets, four families stood up and said they won’t be pressured to move out earlier than planned. In July, all the... Read more »

Remembering Cabrini-Green as it was

1230 N. Burling St., the last Cabrini-Green building that is still open.
Awhile back, I sat on the porch of one of the new condos that’s been built where the Cabrini-Green housing project one stood. I was talking with two girls – twin sisters – who had grown up in the high rise buildings but now lived in one of the new units with their parents. More... Read more »