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Chicago Housing Authority's accounting of empty units draws attention from HUD

I walked into the Chicago Housing Authority’s annual meeting Tuesday as Commissioner Mildred Harris ticked through a checklist of the agency’s recent successes. More than 800 new units are slated to open up this year; the occupancy at family sites sits at 98.8 percent; and mixed-income developments are 97.8 percent leased out. Having just reported... Read more »

Cabrini rowhouses: a last look?

Cabrini rowhouses: a last look?
A friend of mine and documentary photographer Nathan Lanthrum shared this photo with me of the Cabrini rowhouses. Lanthrum has been documenting the changes in Cabrini in the last year through photography and sent me this shot. Just what will happen to the rowhouses is still up in the air, although we know now that... Read more »

CHA says rowhouses won't be public housing

CHA says rowhouses won't be public housing
If you’re a housing geek like many of us at The Chicago Reporter, and you read the Chicago Housing Authority’s yearly plan, you’d probably have noticed a pattern by now–a promise to rehab the Cabrini rowhouses and keep them 100 percent public housing. Well, up until last year. Then, the plans became uncertain for this... Read more »

Cabrini-Green's last day

A man looks out over the city from the gallery of 1230 N. Burling St. building.
Today, the last remaining family moved out of the last remaining Cabrini-Green high rise. I’ve avoided going down there in the last week or two. Not because I didn’t care, but because there were so many media outlets covering it that it didn’t really make sense. In my short career in Chicago journalism, I’ve often... Read more »

Remembering Cabrini-Green as it was

1230 N. Burling St., the last Cabrini-Green building that is still open.
Awhile back, I sat on the porch of one of the new condos that’s been built where the Cabrini-Green housing project one stood. I was talking with two girls – twin sisters – who had grown up in the high rise buildings but now lived in one of the new units with their parents. More... Read more »