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Stop, before they privatize: Groups want to save Chicago from another parking meter deal

Stop, before they privatize: Groups want to save Chicago from another parking meter deal
Everywhere you turn these days, another plan to privatize a city service seems to be in the works. Ventra cards, a new payment system for the CTA and administered by a San Diego-based company, have made headlines all this week. Before that was the plan to privatize Midway Airport, though the deal fell through when... Read more »

Chicago calls out residents and businesses for unpaid water bills, but the city's accounting could be flawed

The City of Chicago’s water department said Chicagoans owe more than $30 million in unpaid water bills. But it turns out there may have been a problem in the accounting. CBS 2 reporter Pam Zekman found errors in the water department’s list of accounts and “collection chaos for some consumers.” The report was part of... Read more »

Doors at Cook County's maximum-security jail in South Lawndale not secured

Many accused murderers, rapists and robbers can leave their cells and cause mayhem among other inmates in Cook County’s jail in the South Lawndale neighborhood, according to a joint investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Better Government Association. More than one in 10 of the maximum-security cells in Cook County’s oldest jail are not... Read more »

The Mo' Better Government Association

The Better Government Association’s new CEO, veteran journalist Andy Shaw, is making good on promises to team up with investigative journalists to provide more sunshine in Illinois. Last month, the BGA teamed with the Chicago Sun-Times to reveal that patronage workers at the Cook County Forest Preserve had received big raises and donated to the... Read more »