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DePaul gets an arena, but what does the community gain?

DePaul gets an arena, but what does the community gain?
Big urban projects like sports arenas often come with a time-worn narrative: They will create tourism and attract new jobs and a tidy return on investment. City support for the controversial DePaul  University basketball arena is no different.  A City of Chicago news release stated that the arena, which will be located near McCormick Place... Read more »

News Roundup: Measure to extend jobless benefits fails to pass the House vote.

While Illinois unemployment rate crept down last month, the state remains plagued by unemployment in the country’s tepid economic recovery. While the federal unemployment benefits are set to run out over the holiday season, a measure to extend the benefits failed to pass with the two-thirds majority required by the tactic used to bring the... Read more »

News Roundup: Illinois about to get big bill

Illinois will soon have to pay the interest on the $2.2 billion borrowed from the federal government to replenish a depleted Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. The $250 million interest payment is due in the next 15 months, and is just one in a backlog of unpaid state bills and pension obligations. While the borrowing has... Read more »