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Restaurant worker relies on SNAP benefits to get by

Nataki Rhodes has worked in the restaurant industry for more than a decade. During those years, Rhodes has always earned the state’s minimum wage. Her paycheck isn’t enough to cover rent, utilities, school supplies and groceries for herself and her son. She relies on the $200 in food stamps she received each month to get... Read more »

Sen. Jacqueline Collins on Springfield, race and Obama

Sen. Jacqueline Collins on Springfield, race and Obama
If you ride the 79th street bus, heading west from the Red Line, you pass empty lots, run-down strip malls and boarded-up Pentecostal churches that have seen more worshipful days. But then you get to a small oasis of activity–a Walgreens, a Chase bank, a beauty salon and a steady hum of foot traffic despite the cold.... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: Countdown to teachers' strike; TIF revenue falls; IL partners on insurance exchange

Illinois will partner with the federal government to offer a health insurance exchange in 2014, The State Journal-Register reported Thursday. “Logistical challenges” prevented the state from creating its own exchange, which health advocates wanted. That way, a state-appointed board of directors could determine how it works. The exchange is essentially an online marketplace where consumers... Read more »

How much does race, stress play into Chicago police misconduct?

How deep does misconduct run in the Chicago Police Department? Is race a factor? Do officers themselves ever feel they’ve been targeted by abusive cops? I wasn’t expecting straight answers when I cold-called Officer Richard Wooten on his cell phone. Getting a police officer to talk about misconduct among his peers seemed like a long... Read more »

What will it take to get more Chicago police on the streets?

Courtesy of flickr/rogue3w A guy was robbed at gunpoint in the 6th police district, an area that includes the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood. It took the cops an hour and 36 minutes to show up. On another recent night it was 26 minutes before police arrived after someone was robbed while waiting for the bus at 76th... Read more »