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How the model minority myth hurts Asian Americans

How the model minority myth hurts Asian Americans
Everyone knows the stereotype, right? Asian children are good students. They play piano and violin. They excel in everything. Asian adults have advanced degrees and high incomes. Asians haven’t struggled like those other minority groups that are still unequal. Asians are the model minority. They excel. But the idea of the “model minority” is like... Read more »

Terrifying Silence: sexual abuse in Asian communities goes unreported

Here in Cook County and across the state, children who are victims of sexual abuse are hurting. But, for many, their stories and their pain are being ignored, and their silence means more children may have to face the terrors they have themselves. In our investigation of child sexual abuse in Cook County, we found... Read more »

Chicago's next female mayor

Madigan says she'll continue to serve as the state's Attorney General, but not as mayor.
Chicago’s first female mayor, Jane Byrne. The City of Chicago hasn’t had a female mayor since Jane Byrne was elected in 1979–the first and only woman to run Chicago. I was certain that when Mayor Richard M. Daley announced he wouldn’t seek an unprecedented 7th term, certainly plenty of women would join the fray of... Read more »

Let's get real about race

When the topic of race comes up, does who you’re with shape what you say? Sitting with people who share your racial identity, would you use words or phrases that you might not use in “mixed company,” for fear of offending someone? Maybe you’d tolerate or even laugh at a joke that normally you might... Read more »