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Race, poverty and politics: Dubious NATO arrests; low-income parents get reprieve; campaign finance loophole

Nine anti-NATO activists were arrested in the raid of a Bridgeport home on Wednesday night. The National Lawyers Guild condemned the action and said that none of the activists had yet been charged, nor had the Chicago Police Department produced a warrant for the raid. Officers confiscated a cell phone, as well as beer-making equipment... Read more »

New EEOC guidelines on discrimination based on arrests, convictions bring hope to some communities

New EEOC guidelines on discrimination based on arrests, convictions bring hope to some communities
For the first time in 25 years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission refined its guidelines on discrimination against people with arrest or conviction records. The law already warned that making hiring decisions based on arrest records or criminal convictions “may, in some instances, violate the prohibition against employment discrimination.” But under the new guidelines, passed... Read more »

Black companies getting fewer city contracts

African-American companies in Chicago have received only seven percent of city contracts in the past year, according to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times. Alderman Leslie Hairston, of the 5th ward, said increased scrutiny of bidders may be scaring away black contractors. More at chicagoreporter.com Also in the news… Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced... Read more »

News Roundup: Austin residents worried about police scale back

Austin residents expressed concern that cuts to the Chicago Alternative Police Strategy program may leave the neighborhood even more vulnerable to crime at a Beat 1524 meeting  in September. In an area with more than 1,000 arrests a month, community members will have to assume some of the community policing duties to prevent the crime... Read more »

Children doing adult time because of a law made over a century ago

Photo credit: banspy It was a time that women couldn’t vote. Scientists of the day used brain size and the first intelligence tests to determine that white people were biologically superior to all other races. People with mental illnesses were locked up in crude asylums, restrained to beds and given shock therapy in an attempt... Read more »