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New initiative gives non-violent criminals the chance to clear their record

New initiative gives non-violent criminals the chance to clear their record
A new initiative for non-violent offenders offers the chance to have their felony conviction entirely scrubbed from their record. All they have to do is jump through a few extra hoops during a probationary period. The Offender Initiative Program, created by SB 3349 and signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn in August, would extend... Read more »

Elections 2012: The week in review

What’s making headlines on Elections 2012, on Chicago Muckrakers weekly. On Wednesday, Gov. Pat Quinn delivered a state of the state address in which he focused mostly on job creation and the state’s ailing economy. Quinn suggested a higher tax credit for businesses that hire returning veterans and an abolishment of the natural utility tax.... Read more »

Chicago's next female mayor

Madigan says she'll continue to serve as the state's Attorney General, but not as mayor.
Chicago’s first female mayor, Jane Byrne. The City of Chicago hasn’t had a female mayor since Jane Byrne was elected in 1979–the first and only woman to run Chicago. I was certain that when Mayor Richard M. Daley announced he wouldn’t seek an unprecedented 7th term, certainly plenty of women would join the fray of... Read more »

Guess who's running for mayor?

With so many people putting their names in the hat to be the next Chicago mayor, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Take a look at the potential candidates – who’s in, who’s out and who’s just a rumor – in our photo gallery. Also, check out Progress Illinois’ great database of mayoral candidates.... Read more »