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Affordable Care Act addresses some health disparities, perpetuates others, experts say

Affordable Care Act addresses some health disparities, perpetuates others, experts say
Today uninsured Americans begin enrolling in state health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. The exchanges allow people who are buying insurance to compare different health plans and find one that is most affordable for them. In Illinois, the exchange is expected to eventually cover 1 million people who are currently uninsured, according to... Read more »

Social justice the Rx for racial health-care gap, Cook County medical chief says

Social justice the Rx for racial health-care gap, Cook County medical chief says
African Americans in Chicago suffer from high rates of HIV/AIDS, diabetes and hypertension, as well as childhood obesity and infant mortality. Because they’re disproportionately low-income, they are less likely to have health insurance, and even fewer have dental coverage, according to a fact sheet produced by chief medical officer of the Cook County Department of... Read more »

Public education improved during the Daley era, especially in the eyes of white parents

The imprint of former Mayor Richard M. Daley was left on public education perhaps more than it was in any other arena.During his tenure, test scores improved, the percentage of adults with a high school diploma increased, a slew of well-regarded charter and selective-enrollment schools were established–and a higher percentage of white parents sent their... Read more »

The legacy of Richard M. Daley on Chicago's South and West sides

The Chicago Reporter looks back at the track record of Chicago’s longest-serving mayor in some of the city’s most under-served communities. While Richard M. Daley has received praise for restoring the city’s downtown and establishing Chicago as a “global” city, his performance in lower-income communities on the city’s South and West sides are met with... Read more »

More than 800,000 Chicagoans took a pass on this year's historic election

Voter turnout in Tuesday’s election was the city’s highest in any municipal election since 1995, but it still fell far short of predictions. For more visit chicagoreporter.com Some predicted that voter turnout would top 50 percent, but just 42 percent of the city’s 1.4 million registered voters turned out at the polls Tuesday. Voter turnout... Read more »

Black companies getting fewer city contracts

African-American companies in Chicago have received only seven percent of city contracts in the past year, according to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times. Alderman Leslie Hairston, of the 5th ward, said increased scrutiny of bidders may be scaring away black contractors. More at chicagoreporter.com Also in the news… Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced... Read more »

Is a community health worker one solution to health care crisis?

Seeing more TV commercials for glucometers and news stories about the diabetes drug, Avandia? It’s not just by chance. Diabetes has become an epidemic in American society, but nowhere more than African-American and Hispanic communities. About 6.6 percent of people who are white have been diagnosed with diabetes, a number that’s already disturbingly high. But... Read more »

South Side vs. North Side: Who got the worst of the CTA's doomsday service cuts?

Photo courtesy of flickr/Stephen Vance By many accounts, riders of Chicago Transit Authority buses and trains have brushed off the agency’s “doomsday” service cuts and still manage to make it to work without great difficulty, save the inconveniences of a longer wait, standing instead of sitting and leaving home a little earlier. However, an analysis... Read more »

Chicago murder victims mostly black

Seventy-five percent of Chicago’s 2008 murder victims had at least one thing in common. They were black. That’s according to the Chicago Sun-Times’s Nov. 12 analysis of police department data. All of the police districts with the highest murder rates per capita–anything more than 20 people per 100,000–were on the city’s South or West sides,... Read more »