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Restaurant worker relies on SNAP benefits to get by

Nataki Rhodes has worked in the restaurant industry for more than a decade. During those years, Rhodes has always earned the state’s minimum wage. Her paycheck isn’t enough to cover rent, utilities, school supplies and groceries for herself and her son. She relies on the $200 in food stamps she received each month to get... Read more »

A slice of Little Village on “The Barber Shop Show”

What makes up for the days you just want to quit? It’s the kids, says, Victor Rodriguez, a coach with the Chicago Youth Boxing League and pastor of Little Village Community Church. Rodriguez and the other guests on last week’s “Barber Shop Show” work in Little Village, a vibrant immigrant neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest Side... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Schools closing around the shop

The Barber Shop Show: Schools closing around the shop
With 129 Chicago Public schools on the potential closings list, many are wondering if their local school is going to be shut down. Chicago’s South and West sides  are bearing the brunt of the school closure list. And in North Lawndale, in the few miles around the home of The Barber Shop Show, Carter’s Barbershop,... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: the roots of Chicago's black poetry and February news

Friday’s Barber Shop Show spanned the generations across Chicago’s black poetry scene. Joining us at the shop was Haki Madhabuti, noted poet, who talked about those who inspired and mentored him, like Gwendolyn Brooks and Claude McKay. Madhabuti has spent his life giving back to younger poets, like our other guests  Paul Avery and Malcolm... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Youth fighting violence and Chicago's black poetry scene

On last week’s Barber Shop Show, we touched on a timely topic here in Chicago: youth violence. Photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz from the Too Young To Die project joined us at Carter’s Barber Shop, along with students from the Columbia Links youth journalism program who write about the violence they see happening around them. Here’s... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Violence after school, on Chicago streets

We like to feature a range of issues on the Barber Shop Show–some serious, some more light-hearted. Our monthly WTF segment usually brings quite a few laughs. But lately, Chicago’s news has been serious and so have we. Last week, host Richard Steele and sports reporter Cheryl Raye Stout discussed a shooting that took the... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Looking at gay marriage through the lens of racism and this month's news

You might not think about the connection between racism and gay marriage, but our guest on last week’s Barber Shop Show, Vernita Gray, shows us the ties. As she points out, laws banning interracial marriage were only overturned in 1967 with the U.S. Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia. “I think, ‘OK, America changed,'” said... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: 40 years and families dealing with LGBT inequality

In 1972, The Chicago Reporter began as a simple newsletter, devoted to uncovering the facts behind race in our segregated city. Forty years later, we’re still going strong, investigating race and poverty in Chicago. On last Friday’s Barber Shop Show, we gathered to celebrate that legacy and our 40th anniversary issue. Interim editor Rui Kaneya... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Wrongful convictions and our holiday re-runs

This week on the Barber Shop Show, our weekly radio show broadcast live from Carter’s Barber Shop in North Lawndale, we invited local journalist to join us for our Mid-Month Mash Up, including blogger Jessica Young. Here’s Jessica giving us a run down of her favorite stories from this week’s show: We’ll be taking these... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Chicago's future filmmakers and this month's headlines

Are you one of Chicago’s future filmmakers? Richard Marion might be. You might remember Richard from our post on the West Side Writing Project, but he also appeared on the most recent episode of The Barber Shop Show, our weekly radio show on Vocalo. Richard, an 18-year-old from West Humboldt Park, says he wants to... Read more »