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Community activists, unions raise populist message at ‘Take Back Chicago’ rally

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More than a thousand people gathered Tuesday evening for the “Take Back Chicago” rally and town hall meeting at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum. Members of various community organizations, activists and unions called attention to such issues as the minimum wage, affordable housing, a fair tax system, school closures and healthcare. Individuals asked... Read more »

Both hope and despair depicted in Sophia Nahli Allison’s school photos

Both hope and despair depicted in Sophia Nahli Allison’s school photos
Most photographs of schools show children running, playing, seated in a classroom. But the Chicago Public Schools in Sophia Nahli Allison’s photographs are devoid of any life. The black-and-white images highlight the imposing, impersonal nature of school buildings, planted next to empty playgrounds and concrete stretches. That’s because what Allison’s photographs represent are not what... Read more »

Chicago Reporter staffers win 7 Lisagor Awards for exemplary journalism

Here at The Chicago Reporter, we love what we do. And every now and then it’s nice to be recognized for it as well. The Reporter won seven Lisagor Awards Friday night honoring our investigations, photography and graphics in 2012. The awards are given by the Chicago Headline Club, which established them in 1922 to... Read more »

Demonstrators honor victims of Chicago gun violence, ask for Trauma I Center

More than 100 supporters and members of Students for Health Equity and Fearless Leading by the Youth, a community-based youth organization, dropped off flowers on Feb. 1 at the University of Chicago in remembrance of Chicago gun-violence victims. Photo by Lucio Villa.
More than 100 people marched on the campus of the University of Chicago last week to remember victims of gun violence and to ask for a Level I Trauma Center on the South Side. The students also wanted the university to drop charges against four protesters who were arrested the week before at a similar action. Students... Read more »

What's Up This Week: Pictures behind Chicago's violence problem, SRO sale fallout and reviewing sex-trade legislation

What's Up This Week: Pictures behind Chicago's violence problem, SRO sale fallout and reviewing sex-trade legislation
#2young2die. Every day this week we’ll be showcasing a photograph from our Too Young to Die series by photojournalist Carlos Javier Ortiz. Look out for them on our Facebook page. Front Lines. It’s women on the front lines of the sex trade who bear the brunt of harsh policing against prostitution. One of our blogs... Read more »

Immigration activists push for deportation moratorium on MLK and Inauguration Day

Izaithell Aguirre, 11, wraps herself in an American flag during a demonstration for a moratorium on deportations in Chicago. Organizers decided to have the protest on Jan. 21 to coincide with President Barack Obama's inauguration.
It was a historic day. The nation’s first black president was publicly sworn in for his second term. The ceremony took place on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and near where 50 years ago the slain civil rights leader delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. And while those in Washington looked back on the... Read more »

A look at The Chicago Reporter through the eyes of its publishers

"Racial peace and progress are more than moral ideals today. They are matters of profound self-interest to every person and institution in this community," wrote John McDermott, The Chicago Reporter's founder and first publisher, in the inaugural edition in 1972.
We are proud to bring you our special 40th anniversary edition of The Chicago Reporter. The city has changed a lot in the past four decades and we have been there, reporting on race and poverty in the city from the ground level.  The following are insights from our publishers who have guided and shaped... Read more »

Undocumented Life: Jorge Mariscal finally receives his long-awaited kidney transplant

The Day Before: Jorge Mariscal has dinner at the Tilted Kilt in Schaumburg with two friends from middle school.
It was 4:30 a.m. and no one said a word. Jorge Mariscal, his mother and his aunt were on their way to Loyola University Medical Center. It was the moment they all had been anticipating for years and finally it had arrived. Sonia Lopez was donating her kidney to her 24-year-old son. Mariscal had been... Read more »

What's Up This Week: Veterans' health care, our new blog, school funding and school closings

Calling for Vets. Iraq Veterans Against the War is asking Chicagoans to call the director of Jesse Brown VA Medical Center this week and ask him for several changes to care at the center. These include improved staff training in how to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and larger staff-to-patient ratios. Our New Blog. Our... Read more »

SLIDESHOW: A day at the polls

Air Force One arrives at O’Hare International Airport in the early morning hours of Nov.6, 2012 in Chicago. President Barack Obama and his family will be spending Election Day in the city where his political career began. Photo by Jonathan Gibby.
The most expensive political race in recent history comes down to this day. Now that all of the billions have been spent, the voters will have their say. Besides choosing who will be in the Oval Office for the next four years, voters in Illinois are also casting ballots for Congress, the state legislature and... Read more »