Ventra system parent company has deep ties to military, national security intelligence

Cubic Corporation, the parent company that runs Cubic Transportation Systems, responsible for the CTA’s much-loathed Ventra fare system, has deep business ties to the military. Cubic provides weapons training for the military; offers technology that transmits surveillance data from unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones; and tracks assets all over the world for both private and military clients.

Cubic Defense Systems bills itself as the world’s leading provider of “realistic air and ground combat training systems.” In fact, the company’s operations are so wide-ranging that its website says “nearly every U.S. and allied soldier and fighter pilot has trained or will train for a mission using Cubic equipment.” Among the entities it contracts with are the U.S. Air Force, Marines and Navy, as well as the British Army and the Serbian Armed Forces. Other contracts the company holds are less clear. A newsletter in which it wrote at length about Cubic Transportation System’s $454 million Chicago contract also boasts about a more than $120 million contract with an unnamed “major Middle East customer.”

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  • So, what's the point? A government contractor is a government contractor.

    If you were journalists, you would have found, as Gapers Block did, that Cubic has fouled up a bunch of transit contracts, including in London. That's more relevant.

    I guess you won't buy a Ford or Dodge because they were defense contractors, too, just 45 years before most of your times. Most German carmakers were associated with the Nazis. Do you ever ride in an airplane, even though all the manufacturers are defense contractors?

    And since you supposedly are journalists, I won't post the Gapers Block link here. Find the article yourselves.

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    My gut feeling is that Ventra is a politically associated organization. Why change a smooth running system for one that has a questionable track record? I think this change caught every commuter by surprise. You notice the rush to implement this new system?!.(and with higher fees at that!!). My belief is that this is 20th century cronyism trying to find a niche in the 21st century. I do not depend on public trans but I support those who want to abolish this egregious failure.

    My gut feeling is that this is a politically motivated system to replace a system that was running smooth. Introduced with higher fees, questionable track record and, seemingly, quickly pushed through without , or maybe I missed something, feedback or market research. I believe 20th century politics is attempting to create a niche in the 21st century. Don't let it happen people. This is an egregious failure and should be replaced with the previous system.

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