Could Chicago become a part of the ‘new era of liberal governance’?

Could Chicago become a part of the ‘new era of liberal governance’?
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The recent round of big-city elections seem to indicate a shifting political landscape. And, it appears to be heading leftward.

In Boston, Martin Walsh, a former labor leader in the city’s building trades, ran for mayor against a long-time city politician in what some called the first competitive race in three decades–and won. In Seattle, Kshama Sawant, an activist backed by the group Socialist Alternative, raked in 35 percent of the votein her bid for a City Council seat. Although the race has yet to be decided, Sawant is neck-to-neck with her opponent. Closer to home in Minneapolis, Ty Moore, also with Socialist Alternative, won 38 percent of the vote for a City Council, only 3 percentage points lessthan the eventual winner.

And New York City’s election of Bill de Blasio, a progressive Democrat, ended two decades of Republican mayoral control, with some hailing his victory as a “new era of liberal governance.”

While not all were decisive wins for progressives, these results show a support for liberal or left-leaning candidates in local elections that hasn’t been seen in years. On the other hand, Nancy Wade, a Green Party candidate in Illinois who ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 5th District only received 5.7 percent of the vote.

These results play out nationally as discontent grows within Chicago’s progressive quarters that are taking aim at policies like the Chicago Transit Authority’s Ventra deal and the largest mass school closure in American history that took place over the summer.

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  • Maybe Chicago should do something about Kleptocracy first.

    In the meantime, the Socialist Alternative didn't win in Minneapolis, and companies are not fleeing Minnesota to the degree they are fleeing Illinois.

  • BTW, where are your voters going to go? Karen Lewis just blasted picking Vallas because he wouldn't let the teachers run the school districts like she wants, and Quinn's only platform is that he tried to stick it to the legislators who were doing nothing about pension reform, a cause you decried in the previous post.

  • Good luck with that.

  • fb_avatar

    The figure for Kshama Sawant's vote is from the three-way primary. Washington has all-mail voting, and ballots only need to be postmarked by election day, so processing is slow. Ballots are counted once or twice a day (with time off for the weekend and the Veterans Day holiday). As of right now, Sawant has 49.49% of the vote. The last-minute ballots have favored Sawant. In the last few "dumps" (ballots counted at a particular time) she's received 53-58% of votes counted. If she gets 53% of the votes remaining to be counted, she would win the election - which seems not at all unlikely. This was, moreover, a citywide election - Sawant as of now has 74,933 votes, just a little less than the incumbent Mayor, who with 78,669 is losing his re-election bid.

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    In reply to Paul Bigman:

    Sorry - I should add that Sawant is down a little more than 1200 votes with 33,000 votes left to be counted. In the last group of ballots counted, she had over 58% of the votes - and, in fact, only needs 52% of the remaining votes to win.

  • "And New York City’s election of Bill de Blasio, a progressive Democrat, ended two decades of Republican mayoral control, with some hailing his victory as a 'new era of liberal governance.'"

    That should be interesting, especially as he has promised to halt the stop-and-frisk practice. For good or bad, the crime stats will tell the story. I don't think it will be for the good.

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  • Chicago has been a liberal and progressives petri dish for a long time now, with most everything on the P&L list coming true, and we have a city that is rotting from the inside out. A further left leaning government can only mean a speedier demise. Let's just go for it and shape shift into into ObamaWorld, where the phone, food, housing, healthcare and every little thing is "free".

    This kind of Chicago "muck" would make even Upton Sinclair join the Tea Party.

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