$13 billion JPMorgan mortgage settlement doesn’t address criminal charges

$13 billion JPMorgan mortgage settlement doesn’t address criminal charges
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Another day, another billion dollar settlement for a bank involved in fraudulent mortgage practices that led up to the 2008 housing crash. The Justice Department announced Tuesday that it reached a $13 billion settlement with JPMorgan Chase & Co. around its packing, marketing and sale of rotten mortgage-backed securities, which then collapsed in value and, in some way, took the economy with it.

The settlement is the largest ever reached between the government and another entity, the government’s press release said . As part of the deal, homeowners affected by the bank’s actions will get $4 billion in the form of reduced interest rates on mortgages, new loans and investment to reduce blight in hard-hit areas. Illinois will also receive a chunk of the settlement for losses sustained by its pension system when the housing bubble burst.

But within the settlement is a key term that concerned communities have long taken issue with when it comes to major settlements with banks—civil.


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    2008 was an awful year. I remember how many people even did suicide because their home loans and mortgages collapsed in value so they didn’t know how to repay their debts. It’s worth to blame banks like JP Morgan who knew what they were doing but most likely their greed was stronger than them. I think that this settlement is fair and the most important is that borrowers will receive the compensation. As for me, I never liked dealing with big banks. There’s useful information about unsecured loans which helped me to learn more about alternative financial services so now I trust them more than banking institutions.

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  • I saw a documentary of a Chinese family "Abacus" who was tried for fraud (which they were innocent), but in reality it was these darn banks with the issues.
    I hope these banks get bed bugs. Some of the stuff they do is scummy.

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