Chicago Reporter blogger Megan Cottrell wins Studs Terkel Award

Chicago Reporter blogger Megan Cottrell wins Studs Terkel Award
Megan Cottrell. Photo by Sarah Jane Rhee.

Few storytellers are as well-loved in Chicago as Studs Terkel. He shared the voices of regular working people and by doing so, wrote a history of the city of broad shoulders.

It is with great pride that we announce The Chicago Reporter‘s blogger Megan Cottrell is the recipient of one of this year’s Studs Terkel awards.

“Megan Cottrell is a multi-talented, multi-platform scribe whose work epitomizes the Studs-ian tradition: Honest, real journalism that teaches and enlightens,” said Laura Washington, interm publisher of the Reporter. “She does the Reporter proud.”

The award is given to journalists who report stories that are “bottom up rather than up, down,” as Terkel said at the 2007 awards ceremony. Reporter alum Fernando Diaz was also one of the winners of the 2013 Terkel award, he’s now the managing editor of Hoy Chicago. The third winner of the 2013 award is Dave Hoekstra, a Chicago Sun-Times reporter.

Megan brings a unique and compassionate voice to poverty and housing. Some of her best work has included the series on discrimination in Section 8 housing, the desegregating legacy of the other Romney, how lead poisoning affects low-income children and the pitfalls of turning to bankruptcy for a fresh start.

And it’s not the first time she’s been recognized for her work–she won the Chicago Reader‘s best local blog award in 2010.

Off the record, we can say she has a lot of great things still to come.

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