Your Vote, Your Community, Their Answers: 2nd Congressional District

Your Vote, Your Community, Their Answers: 2nd Congressional District

For the past several days, we’ve asked some politicians from our area how they would help their communities in terms of race and poverty.

In this latest installment, we’re featuring the 2nd Congressional District race. The race includes Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.; Republican challenger Brian Woodsworth and Independent Marcus Lewis.

Jackson’s spokesman told us in a statement that the congressman, who has been on hiatus while being treated for mental health issues, “will return to work when his doctors approve it.”

Republican challenger Brian Woodsworth did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

The following is from Marcus Lewis:

If elected, what’s the most important thing in the next term that you want to accomplish that will benefit communities in the 2nd district?

Jobs. We want businesses to come and commit to setting up shop in the district. Such as Apple, we’d like to have Apple Midwest, Dell, a parts plans or assembly plant of some type. Those types of jobs are needed and they can set up a lot of people. To do this, I would first go to them with the carrot, offer them the best deal available to get them to come because we are situated beautifully by the nearby rail lines.

What are the biggest concerns in the 2nd district?

Poverty. There are no jobs. We have 80 percent unemployment, and are right off of 157, a major highway. This is ridiculous. The Democratic machine here has had this district welded in its iron grip to the point where the representatives that have been here have been no more than footmen for the Democratic machine. The resources never come here, the Southeast Side and the South Suburbs look like the desert. There is no economic engine anywhere.

How do you see that you can make a difference in people’s lives when it comes to race and/or poverty?

First of all, I’m totally against discrimination, which is what got me in the race in the first place.

Photo credit: Marcus Lewis Facebook page

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