SLIDESHOW: A day at the polls

The most expensive political race in recent history comes down to this day. Now that all of the billions have been spent, the voters will have their say.

Besides choosing who will be in the Oval Office for the next four years, voters in Illinois are also casting ballots for Congress, the state legislature and several local races.

President Barack Obama came home to Chicago for Election Day, arriving before the sun rose at O’Hare International Airport with his wife. Meanwhile Republican Gov. Mitt Romney was still on the campaign trail.

It’s been a bitter fight, and 70-year-old Jim Bartnick hopes that Obama comes out on top. Standing outside a polling place in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, Bartnick called Obama consistent and truthful and he noted that the Commander-in-Chief appeals to a diverse array of people.

“Obviously there are black folks and Hispanics who vote Republican,” Bartnick said.” But all kinds of people vote for Barack. I honestly think (race relations) are getting better.”

Many voters headed to the polls early, with hopes of missing the long lines. There were some troubles with a few voting machines, but the bigger problems seemed to be tied to redistricting.

About 20 percent of registered voters had to change precincts and on Tuesday, some people showed up at the wrong location. Many turned to the Board of Election’s website to for more information and the extremely high traffic in the morning brought the site down.

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