What's Up This Week: costly Medicaid fraud, city budget hearings and more Jon Burge fallout

What's Up This Week: costly Medicaid fraud, city budget hearings and more Jon Burge fallout

Ferreting out Fraud. Illinois signed a $76.8 million contract with a private company to wade through the Medicaid rolls to identify who is not eligible for the program. The Chicago Reporter takes a look at how the process will work and concerns surrounding the evaluation of the rolls.

Budget Noise A group of City Council members calling itself a “progressive caucus”   will have three community meetings this month to discuss the  2012 city budget.  The first one is Monday. The city had originally planned only one meeting that would allow public comment before the City Council’s budget vote.

First Week of School Barbara Byrd Bennett starts her first full week of school as Chicago Public Schools chief Monday. Bennett replaces  Jean-Claude Brizard, who announced his resignation last week after only 17 months of leading the nation’s third largest school system.

Woodlawn’s Day in Court In April 2011, a group of mental health patients, nurses and advocates were arrested after barricading themselves in the Woodlawn Community Mental Health Clinic. The sit-in was to protest the 2011 budget, which closed half the city’s mental health clinics. The trial begins Monday for the 23 people arrested in the demonstration.

Burge Victims The trial of former police commander John Burge ended with a prison sentence, but people who claim they were tortured into false confessions by police under Burge’s command are also still behind bars. On Tuesday, victims and their supporters will have a rally outside the 26th and California court house to call for the release of the Burge victims. In addition, four torture victims who believe they were wrongfully convicted will have hearings on their cases this week.


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