The Barber Shop Show: Bringing abuse and discrimination to light

Last week on the Barber Shop Show, we were lucky enough to have playwright and performer Dael Orlandersmith  from the one-woman show, Black N Blue Boys/Broken Men, which just opened at the Goodman Theater.

In the show, Orlandersmith portrays five very different men with one thing in common–they are all survivors of  abuse. After the show, she talked to us about the role art has to play in helping people explore and express their experiences. Take a look:

And on tomorrow’s show, we’ll take a look at the dark side of the local rental market: whether landlords in suburban Cook County are discriminating against subsidized housing voucher holders and if the Cook County Board will outlaw such discrimination. We’ll be talking with sources from our series on the issue, No 8s, that covered the woes of both tenants’ and landlords’ view of the voucher program.

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