Barber Shop Preview: Segregation is bad for your health

When I first saw this chart, it took me a bit to figure out what it was about because the red line on the far right is so long. Take a look for yourself:

That’s from Steve Bogira’s latest at the Chicago Reader on the effects of segregation on the health and life expectancy of our city’s residents. And although shootings and murders have gotten the most attention lately, as you can see from the chart, they’re not the biggest killers.

On Friday’s Barber Shop Show, we’ll talk with Bogira about how segregation affects the health of our city and the wide disparities that residents face when it comes to becoming sick and getting treatment.

Reading the comments on Steve’s piece, one in particular struck me from James Edwards:

It’s a great question, and something we’ll be talking about on Friday’s show. What is the solution to segregation? Should the government intervene to encourage or demand more integrated neighborhoods? How would that take shape?

Will more integration happen naturally as time goes on? And if so, what can we do in the mean time to make neighborhoods a better and healthier place to live?

We want your thoughts and comments. Leave one here for us, and we’ll read it live on Friday’s show. Don’t forget to tune in at 1 p.m. this Friday to The Barber Shop Show, your weekly dose of straight talk from the shop floor, from noon to one on Vocalo, 89.5 FM or stream it live on This week’s show is an hour later, due to the simulcast with WBEZ as part of the Race Out Loud series.

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