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Race, poverty and politics: Chicago Teachers Union issues strike date; racism at the Republic National Convention; Standard and Poor's downgrades Illinois

The Chicago Teachers Union issued a strike date late Thursday evening – the union will begin its strike on Sept. 10.  The announcement comes after a summer of brewing tensions between the CTU and Chicago Public School officials. CPS has prepared a $25 million fund to keep services open for students if teachers walk out.... Read more »

VIDEO: New Chicago Reporter investigation reveals alarming rates of kids killed by caregivers

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Despite the involvement of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, many children die at the hands of their caregivers. Advocates say their deaths could be prevented. The Chicago Reporter investigates in its September/October 2012 issue. Read the full story on Sept. 4 at

Are Champaign police targeting black youths on bogus charges?

I didn’t even realize that you could be arrested for jaywalking. Yes, it’s technically a crime. But do police even bother with such petty little things? It seems they do in Champaign. Chicago Reporter alum Jeff Kelly Lowenstein has been doing some great reporting on demographic changes in our state–communities where minority populations are on... Read more »

Undocumented Life: A year in, only a handful of immigrants benefit from 'prosecutorial discretion'

Sebastian Pineda talks about his deportation case in his Little Village home.
Sebastian Pineda sits quietly on the wooden bench, staring at the dingy white wall and at times glancing at the mother of his two boys. He’s patiently waiting, even hopeful. His wife sits inches away, sobbing uncontrollably. She too is waiting. It’s clear she’s less hopeful. The couple is in the administrative court in Chicago... Read more »

Barber Shop Preview: Segregation is bad for your health

When I first saw this chart, it took me a bit to figure out what it was about because the red line on the far right is so long. Take a look for yourself: That’s from Steve Bogira’s latest at the Chicago Reader on the effects of segregation on the health and life expectancy of... Read more »

Barber Shop Video Review: Getting a GED at age 40

Her nephew needed help with his homework, but Nicole Hicks says she couldn’t understand it herself. She isn’t alone. Nearly one third of the adults in the Chicago region struggle with low-literacy. That means while they can read, they can’t read well enough to do a lot of every day activities–filling out a job application,... Read more »

Photo Gallery: The Peace Corner is a safe haven from the violent streets

The Peace Corner Youth Center (PCYC) is a non-profit organization in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's West Side. It was created to provide the neighborhood youth a safe place from gang violence and drug dealing.
When Sebastian Longstreet ended up in Stateville Correctional Center for selling drugs, he started talking to the man who indirectly led him to prison in the first place: His father. Longstreet’s path to prison began when he was about 12 and his father was incarcerated on a life sentence for murder. Wanting to help pay... Read more »

Emanuel and industry peeved about Quinn's gambling veto

Emanuel and industry peeved about Quinn's gambling veto
Gov. Pat Quinn used his red pen today to veto a major gambling expansion bill, but supporters of the legislation say they’re not ready to throw in the cards just yet. Since taking office last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been cheerleading for a casino for Chicago–which was part of the bill Quinn vetoed. The... Read more »

State Rep. Ford wants state's help with job creation in West Side district, but will it deter violence?

State Rep. Ford wants state's help with job creation in West Side district, but will it deter violence?
On the heels of yet another bloody Chicago weekend, 8th District state Rep. La Shawn Ford plans to have a town hall meeting tonight to discuss how to curb violence in high-crime neighborhoods. Ford has said state-assisted job creation could be a boon for many of the low-income, high-crime communities in his West Side district... Read more »

Undocumented Life: Making Chicago the most "immigrant friendly" city

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he wants to make Chicago one of the most “immigrant friendly” cities in the country. To achieve that goal, Emanuel opened the Office of New Americans in City Hall to help legal residents become U.S. Citizens. And a month ago, he joined forces with a former political foe  U.S. Rep. Luis... Read more »