Video: Immigrants flock to Navy Pier in pursuit of a dream

Thousands of undocumented young people gathered at Chicago’s Navy Pier and beyond for what many called a historic day. They were all waiting to inch a bit closer to the American Dream.

Wednesday was the first day of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a temporary protected status for undocumented young people who would otherwise qualify for the failed DREAM ACT. Organizers say there were more than 13,000 undocumented immigrants.

They started lining up Tuesday evening and by 11 p.m. there were 500 people in line, even though the doors opened at 9 a.m. Wednesday. By midday Wednesday, hundreds of people filled the line that stretched out to East Wacker Drive.

There are about 1.7 million undocumented immigrants under 30 living in the United States who could qualify for deferred action, according to the  Pew Hispanic Center.

In June 15, President Barack Obama announced his administration would not deport undocumented students who were children when their parents brought them here. He also promised a two-year worker authorization permit. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department started accepting applications for deferred action on Wednesday for $465.

Undocumented young immigrants who qualify for Deferred Action, must meet the criteria listed here.

Immigration lawyers say undocumented immigrants considering applying and have a criminal record should get an attorney because those who apply for deferred action and have a criminal background will be placed in deportation proceedings.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights organized Wednesday’s event with more than 600 volunteers and 50 attorneys working to help students navigate through the immigration system.

But more help was needed. Many immigrants were turned away because ICIRR didn’t have enough capacity, said ICIRR’s spokeswoman Monica Treviño.


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    Never has there been a time in our history, when a need for change is so imperative. We can follow President Obama handing out food stamps to anybody who applies, including illegal aliens and their friends who dodge the border agents or arrive here never to return home on an airline flight. We can in perpetuity keep financing pregnant females who flood here in the thousands to have their unborn babies, clogging up our hospitals and then later paying for the child’ education. In addition with 43 million Americans jobless, are we unfortunately obligated by federal mandate to offer health care, schooling and a matrix of other welfare programs, to unlawful residence or are going to join the TEA PARTY and articulate our demands to both the Democrats and Republicans. Are we so inept that we are going to allow Obama’s Czars steal our independent lifestyle, by allowing yet another mass amnesty force itself bypassing the Congress? This country doesn’t even fully care for our troops when they return from overseas; however people that have broken our immigration laws get a better deal?

    Two omnipotent laws that can change illegal immigration forever, is ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT ‘and ‘THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL’ which are held to ransom in the House chambers, waiting for a reading. E-Verify will send illegal aliens scattering to the four winds and home, while the foothold baby law, if enacted will close a giant loophole, so every baby will not gain citizenship if one or more parent is not a citizen themselves? Americans are being taxed out of existence paying for the most expensive portion of illegal immigration, allowing every foreign child to gain immediate citizenship. If you think this is rhetoric initiated by the Republican Party, bother yourself for a few moments and read the actual costs for foreign nationals in Los Angeles, California?

    Then we have the Dream law, forced on to taxpayers by questionable orders from this administration? This is truly the consequences of no enforcement within America to any real degree. It is the undisputable consequences by not passing the Birthright Citizenship Bill? Since the 1986 blanket amnesty the American public has been lied too. Under the requirement of that law, there was supposedly mandatory enforcement in the interior of our country, but the Democrats/ Republicans would not fund it correctly. So businesses were not held accountable and the millions still poured through gaps in the fence and visa over stays were never tracked. Americans are disgusted and frustrated and that is why millions have joined the TEA PARTY, who is ready to change the direction of this country. Bring in to the ranks of Republicans a new breed of politicians, not carrying the burden of high pressure lobbyists and clandestine payments for their services. We need uncorrupted leaders and they are the advocates and leaders who represent the TEA PARTY. They are ousting the old school tie incumbents and unseating the political rot, which has condemned America in the Donkey and the Elephant parties.

    The Constitutional TEA PARTY is open to all citizens and legal residents from every part of society, In the agenda—a new tax system for all; open season on drilling for oil, natural gas and mining for coal, with the progression of clean energy; protect Israel from attacks by Islamic terrorists; audit the Fed and reveal whatever they are hiding; from remove the stigma of bloated government and return agencies back to the state and county agencies; introduce federal law that every state, county and its constituency uses picture ID to vote; first priority to legal citizens and lawful residents, no more pandering to illegal aliens, which includes dissolving Sanctuary City practices; rewrite the chain migration policies, that is allowing elderly parents to apply for SSI and cash payments, that they have never paid into; reassess immigration laws, but for the benefit of the taxpayer, not businesses and radical ethnic organizations. Throw out of office all elected officials who are responsible to the illegal immigration invasion. Throw out of office President Obama and all his Socialist Czars who have brought America to its knees and will drive the United States into bankruptcy. It will always be the SAME EXCUSES from the two dominant parties to do little or nothing. Learn more at TEA PARTY DOT ORG. Understand with the costs and obligations of the 20 million plus illegal aliens at NumbersUSA. Investigate the rot and corruption that emanates in Washington at Judicial Watch dot org.

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